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2012 Vintage

2012 Vintage

Early 2012 brought mild and dry weather turning colder in February, which was similar to 2011. Pruning began and progressed smoothly. March was particularly mild and the last few days of the month increased the speed of budbreak, with the appearance of the first green shoots on around 27 March in some early parcels. Weather conditions were also good for ploughing.

However April slowed growth due to cooler temperatures and very heavy rainfall. The weather in May and June proved to be changeable, with high levels of rainfall, making vineyard work and treatments in particular very difficult.

In fact, mildew appeared from mid-June. After the accumulated delay, flowering still occurred from 12 to 25 June slightly haphazardly, leaving widespread coulure in the future bunches.

At the end of the month, the sunshine returned. Early July was again rainy, then from the 20 July the summer finally set in. Diseases (mildew and oidium) were sometimes rife in the most sensitive parcels.

In the wake of four rainy months, August turned out to be a very fine month with plenty of sunlight and warmth, and reaching record temperatures. Veraison began on around 5 August and continued smoothly, bringing beautifully ripe fruit in September.

Despite the year starting early and all the issues at the end of the spring, the 2012 harvest began on 25 September. The grapes were particularly healthy and ripe. Quality was high in 2012, thanks to the sunshine at the end of the growing season, but yields were relatively low.